Signal PS-128 riasztó

External flashing siren with pressure chamber loudspeaker, tamper switch, and ivory ABS housing. The siren is protected against sabotage. The double cover is very showy, additionally very durable. The house interior is made of flexible steel. Seven sound is avaliable.

One of the biggest advantages of the siren is the high quality pressure chamber loudspeker.

Seven sound is available A”B”C” that can be selected with DIP jumper. Start1 and Start2 inputs: Two outputs of the alarm control panel can be connected to the siren because the inputs have different tone, thus allowing to identify location of alarm.

In case of DIP jumper is set OFF A”B”C the tone belonging to the triggered input is varied by grounding the SERVICE wire for a brife period. (max. 1 sec)

The power loss start up inhibit function is available with „Q”DIP jumper.This function might be useful, when the power supply is not UPS.

The siren has two LED lights, which provide more information, for users. Microprocessor controlled electronic system tests the loudspeaker, bulb, battery in every six or twenty four hours. The test of frequency can be switched with jumper plug. If Jumper plug remove, the siren will not report any trouble alarm. If the test is successfull, the bulb will be flashed. In case of failure the REPORT output will be activated and the bulb will be flashing. In addition, you are going to hear melodies from the loudspeaker.

The siren gives three clicks wave and flashing signal, when less than 3 second impulse being given for Flash input. However more than 3 second impulse being given for Flash input, the bulb will be flashing until input is triggered.

Service input: By connecting the service input to GND the siren can be turned into service mode. In service mode the siren can be dismounted, and will not set off even in response to a trigger, and to removal of power supply.

The tamper switch is the part of the siren, which might be useful, in case of sabotage.

Lots of wiring modes can be chosen.

The blue terminal connectors can be dismounted to make the installation more simple.

The siren operates 12 V DC required 4 Ah or 7Ah battery.

Drilling template and users manual can be found in the box.

Voice output Pressure chumber loudspeaker
Syren type 7 Voice
Sound pressure 115 dB
Tamper protect Tamper switch
LED display Life signal
Inputs Flash , Service , Start 1 , Start 2
Outputs Report , Tamper
Self test in every 6 or 24 hours Yes
Dimensions 295 x 200 x 100 mm
Maximum battery size (12 V) , 4 Ah , 7 Ah
Housing Double (ABS + steel), Vandal-proof
Mounting Onto wall
External/Internal External
Protection level IP34
Weight 3000 g
Power supline 13,8 V DC
Current consumption 25 mA

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