Alarm system

Signum riasztó szett

External two wire zones alarm system in PS-128 house. The double cover is very showy, additionally very durable. The house interior is made of flexible steel. One of the biggest advantages of the siren is the high quality two piezo loudspeaker. The sound pressure level (110 dB).

Two zone inputs and one tamper input can be found on the circuit board. Every zone is istant and the tamper is 0-24 tampered. In case of zone sabotage the 3 minute cycle of arming will be started.

The alarm system without keypad is very simple to arm and disarm, only 433,92 Mhz V2.0 remote controller is needed. 31 remote control can be programmed for alarm system, thus 31 user can be assigned to alarm system. If the remote control’s button pressed more five seconds, the siren will start panic alarm in every status. By the panic alarm the siren will be armed. Panic alarm max.interval three minutes.

Alarm system of status:

  • 1 short beep: Siren is Off
  • 2 short beep: Siren is armed
  • 3 short beep: Failed to arm
  • 4 short beep:
    • Tamper zone bypass when the system armed
    • Bell squawk on disarming
  • 2 beep repeats 2.5 seconds: when tamper loop is open

Just one loudspeaker provides signal sounds squawk. In case of loudspeaker failure the alarm system will switch automatically to the other one loudspeaker and give fail squawk.

One open collector output can be found on the circuit board. The open collector output very useful which can be started up by GSM communicator in case of alarm.

Two tamper switches are the part of the siren, which might be useful, in case of sabotage.

The siren operates 14 V/ DC required 4 Ah or 7Ah battery.

If the external power supply is out of service and (pre set time 15 or 30 minutes is out) the siren will start 3 minutes cycle of alarm. This function can be turned off.

Detectors power consumption can not exceed 200mA.

2 remote controls, one motion detector, one magnetic contact, one 1A power supply, 5 wall bung, drilling template and manual can be found in the box.

On-Board zones 2
Number of partitions 1
Users / Remote controls 31
Detector – Control Panel connection Wired (conventional)
Output voltage 12 V DC
Voice output (2 pieces) , Piezo loudspeaker
Syren type 1 Voice
Sound pressure 2x 104 dB
Tamper protect Tamper switch
Dimensions 295 x 200 x 100 mm
Maximum battery size (12 V) , 4 Ah
Housing Double (ABS + steel) , Vandal-proof
Mounting Onto wall
External/Internal External
Protection level IP34
Power supline 24 V DC
Poise power 5 mA
System's status signals Short beeps

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